Job 22-28 Wisdom

Job 22:1-28:28 June 25 2006

Job now turned his attention to the matter of wisdom.
While his friends had knowledge (intellectual information),
they lacked wisdom (spiritual perception). Job said that
wisdom is not found by digging shafts deep into earth; nor
can it be purchased at a market. true wisdom begins with
the fear of the Lord. God’s wisdom, not that of his friends,
would help Job face his perplexing situation.

1. Recognize Human Ability’s Limits (Job 28:1-4,12)

Job 28:1 “Surely there is a mine for silver, and a place for
gold to be refined. 28:2 Iron is taken out of the earth, and
copper is smelted from ore. 28:3 Miners put an end to
darkness, and search out to the farthest bound the ore in
gloom and deep darkness. 28:4 They open shafts in a valley
away from human habitation; they are forgotten by travelers,
they sway suspended, remote from people. 28:12 “But where
shall wisdom be found? And where is the place of

Job concluded his discourse on mining by asking where
wisdom and understanding can be found. His question
implies that people may achieve much by sheer will human
ingenuity, and arduous work; but their own efforts to attain
wisdom for coping with life far short of the wisdom
available only in and from the Lord. Wisdom is not
discovered by digging shafts into the earth (Job 28:1-11).
Wisdom, Job pointed out later, come from another source.

2. Acknowledge Wisdom’s Value (Job 28:13,15-16)

Job 28:13 Mortals do not know the way to it, and it is not
found in the land of the living. 28:15 It cannot be gotten for
gold, and silver cannot be weighed out as its price. 28:16 It
cannot be valued in the gold of Ophir, in precious onyx or

Job mentioned numerous earthly treasures, including gold,
silver, onyx, sapphire, articles of fine gold, coral, quartz,
pearls, and topaz. If wisdom could be purchased with riches
such as these, the rich would be the wisest people on earth.
Yet even if a person possessed all of these precious metals
and jewels in vast quantities, the treasures would not be
sufficient to purchase wisdom. The wisdom that comes
from God is exceedingly rare and much more valuable than
all earthly treasures.

3. Seek Wisdom’s Guidance (Job 28:20-23,26-28)

Job 28:20 “Where then does wisdom come from? And where is
the place of understanding? 28:21 It is hidden from the eyes of
all living, and concealed from the birds of the air. 28:22
Abaddon and Death say, We have heard a rumor of it with our
ears.’ 28:23 “God understands the way to it, and he knows its
place. 28:26 when he made a decree for the rain, and a way for
the thunderbolt; 28:27 then he saw it and declared it; he
established it, and searched it out. 28:28 And he said to
humankind, Truly, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to
depart from evil is understanding.’ ”

Job understood that only God’s wisdom, rather than that of
his friends, could help him face his perplexing situation.
However, while God reveals His wisdom to those who faithfully seek Him, that does not mean that He will reveal all the reasons behind what happens to us and those dear to us . The unlimited wisdom of infinite God is unattainable for limited, finite human beings.


Chapter 28 is distinctive from any other in the Book of Job.
It is a beautifully composed poem in which Job meditated on
where wisdom can be found. Job had endured three blistering
cycles of speeches by friends who thought they were wise.
Although his friends possessed knowledge, they lacked the
wisdom to understand the reason for Job’s suffering. Their
human “wisdom” had failed to ease Job’s pain or to quiet his
restless anxieties and desperate longing for answers.