Hosea 14:1-9 Love Promise




Hosea 14: 1-9

May God Bless each of us in thls changing World


Background Passage Outline:


1. God’s Call to Repentance (Hosea 14: 1-3)

2. Goo’s Promise of Hea1ing (Hosea 14:4-7)

3. God’s Assurance of Fruitfulness (Hosea 14:8-9)


Hosea had proclaimed the message of God’s judgment on the notion of Israel .’namely its destruction by the assyrians. Judgment was not the final word, however. Hosea closed his book with a message of promise and hope. The promises in the message assure ail of us that when we repent, god win restore us and bless us .




1. Ca11 to Repentance (Hosea 14: 1- 3)


Hosea 14: 1 Return, 0 Israel to the LORD your God. Your sins hove been your downfall !


Hosea 14:2 Take words with you and return to the LORD. Say to him: Forgive all our sins and receive us graciously, that we may offer the fruit of our lips.


Hosea 14:3 Assyria cannot save us; we win not mount warhorses. We will never again say ‘Our gods’ to what our own hands have made, for in you the fatherless find compassion.-"


Thr reason they will no longer trust in these earthly things is their recognition that God is the Protector of orphans and other who are weak. He is a better Defender than any power on earth. Once the people truste 1n God. they will find security 1n following His guidance.



2. Promise of Healing  (Hosea 14·4-70


Hosea 14:4             ” I will heal their waywardness and love them freely, for my anger has turned away from them.


Hosea 14:5              I will be like the dew to Israel.: he will blossom like a lily. Like a cedar of Lebanon he win send down his roots;

Hosea 14:6              his young shoots win grow. His splendor will be like em o11ve tree, his fragrance l1ke a cedar of Lebanon.


Hosea 14:7             Men will dwell again in his shade. He will flourish 1ike the grain. He will blossom 1ike a vine, and his fame will be like the wine from Lebanon.




These thing are more them beautiful picture of the blessings the Lord will g1ve to Isarel someday. They also portray the love, wholeness, refreshment and fruitfulness in service he gives to everyone who turns from sin to Him. How much better to trust in the Lord than to experience the withering dryness of the desert of sin.



3. Assurance of Fruitfulness (Hosea 14:8-9)


Hosea 14:8             0 Ephraim, what more have I to do with idols? I will answer him and care for him. I am like a green pine tree ; your fruitfulness comes from me .


Hosea 14:9             Who is wise? He will realize these things. Who is discerning? He will understand them. The ways of the LORD are right ; the righteous walk in them, but the rebellious stumble in them.


The Lord also is never dormant. He is always alive, alert, and ready to respond when Israel or anyone else calls out to Him. In addition, the Lord will be the source of His people’s fruitfulness ( John 15:5).




The great blessing anyone can have is to live daily in a loving

relationship with the Heavenly Father. let us not take for granted our relationship to the lord. He has made that relationship possible by paying a dreadful price , the death of His Son , Jesus Christ .