Why I am here.
To help both unbelievers and believers to declare God’s will.
To help Equip and train other believers for ministry in bible study.
To clarify and communicate the purpose of our ministry Goals.

I love to help motivate older and younger people to the Lord and his work. See the youth grow into concerned Christians . To help motivate new and older Christians in their walk with the Lord.
Communications with the people is Bible Study , Fellowship ,Music and Sermons . Some folks miss bible study ,the sermon , the music and miss serving the Lord . For me to fail only makes me want to know why I failed and what must I do to learn to do the job and get it done.

I’m retired , I was a Computer Analyze, Engineering Manager . Audio-Video , Teaching Classes in my field .Researching , Evaluating , Managing, Counseling. and have gone to Golden Gate Seminar to be come a Teaching, Preacher ,I love to Teaching and Preaching

It was in 1950 when I was 17 and just made my first car , I was at church ,as it was Glen Walker Campbell Pastor of the church , I was in the church parking lot with my best Friend Bob Jackson, His family were members of the church in Redwood city. The Pastor walked to me and said the Lord has something for you to do. All the youth were there. And the Lord want you to be the youth leader and you are it. I smiled and said I do not think so. I have been in service to the Lord now for over 50 years and still wonder what he sees in me. But I know He loves me and has more for me to do.

There have been many times I have a meaningful and Spiritual time with the Lord. My Mother and Father passing away , my Marriage to Vera.
The birth of our Children , My time in the Army and Service time and going back to school and again at 67 and Completing some Seminar .

My Mother and Father passing and being unable to be there at the time. A friend dying in my arm and being able to do anything. My Brother and two sister passing and the feeling of not being wanted.

High School , Training School in Army , lot of College , lot of Training from our Association and right here at ARBC, Also going to Golden Gate Seminary.

Sunday School Teacher 30 yr
Sunday Director 5 yr
Chairman of Deacon 10 yr
Youth Director 10 yr
Chaplain for The Boy Scouts 8 yr
Managed ARBC 2 yr

Whatever the Lord has for me to do I am here. I would still like to serve ARBC in whatever way to help the church to grow in the Lord . I have been there and done that already and I’m ready to start over.

God Bless My Friend
Robert G O’Haver


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